How to Know Your Pan Card Status? ( NSDL/UTI )

By | September 21, 2017

Have you searching for your pan card status? Then this article is for you, Here we share information regarding “How to Know your pan card status online?

Know Your Pan Card Status Online

Know Your Pan Card Status Online

Basically Pan Card is stand for “Permanent Account number Card“. Permanent account number is an unique identification code for Indian people specially for tax payer. PAN is a unique 10-digit Code which is consist of alpha-bates and numbers.

PAN code was founded in 1961 by judicial members and Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of the CBDT which is stand for Central Board for Direct Taxes and it also serves as an important and unique proof of identification for Indians. An example of PAN code is looks like this ABCDE0123F.

How to Check Your Pan Card Status?

By following this simple method you can easily track your pan card status from your home only.

1) Check Your NSDL PAN Card Status:

These are the simple step you have to follow to know your pan card status.

Step 1: Click Here And Open NSDL Official Site.

After clicking above link you will come to NSDL’s Official page which is looks like below.

NSDL Pan Card Status

Step 2: Fill The Details for Your PAN Card Status

And, Here are this Information you need to fill to check your PAN Status.

  • Application Type: PAN – New (If you applied for new registration) / Change Request (If you want to modified previous PAN information).
  • Acknowledgment Number: Acknowledgment Number/ Name (Any one is enough).
  • NAME: Your Full Name as you given while registration.
  • Date of Birth: Date of Birth/Company/foundation/Association in DD/MM/YYYY (i.e. 28/12/2016) Format.

Step 3: Click On the Submit button To see Your PAN Status

After filling all this information correctly, You can click on Submit button, and you will able to see your PAN Card Status which look like the bellowing Image.

Pan Card Status NSDL

2) Check Your UTI PAN Card Status:

If you want to Track your PAN Card application status, then and only then you should proceed further. For this you need application coupon number.

These are the simple step you have to follow to Track your pan card application status.

Step 1: Click Here And Open UTI PAN Tarcking Page

After opening this page you will come across this page which is shown in below image.

UTI Pan Card Status Online

Step 2: Fill The Details for Track Your PAN Card Application Status

You have to enter only your Application Coupon Number.

Application Coupon Number: This coupon You should get it when you have register for PAN Card.

Step 3: Click On the Submit button To Track Your PAN Card Application Status

If you are find out any problem during checking of your PAN card status, You can easily Contact Customer care service of NSDL or UTI Depending upon which is your PAN card Provider.

Here are the useful links for customer service. These links will provide you customer center address, telephone number and fax number.

NSDL Customer Care
UTI Customer Care

They’re good at customer service! So they will do their best to solve your problem and if you want to visit customer care center then also you can easily go there and you can asked queries regarding PAN Card Status. 🙂

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